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Protect Your Business with Non-Disclosure Agreements.

A non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, is a legal document to protect confidential or commercially sensitive information such as trade secrets, business plans, customer lists. YOU NEED TO USE NDAs.


A non-disclosure agreement is a contract to protect confidential or sensitive information during negotiations with investors, creditors, clients, or suppliers. NDAs can also be signed with individuals and employees. For example, a start-up may fear that their idea and plans could be stolen by the potential business partners or investors. The NDA serves as a written proof, the parties will keep the sensitive information confidential and protected.


Having the confidentiality in writing, signed by the parties, can lend trust to the negotiations and that your or their ideas won't be stolen by the people you are negotiating with. It is important to declare and ideally sign upfront, prior disclosing the information. If appropriate, it may be beneficial to list specific items covered by the agreement, of course without limiting the agreement to those items only.

The NDAs are a good legal practice in protecting intellectual property and commercial secrets, especially in today's increasignly digital age. Protect your innovations, know-how and your clients.

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