Connect With Your Customers. Before Someone Else Does.

This started long before the unfortunate pandemic .

It’s no longer a question. All of us have moved our lives online , at least to a degree.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Netflix, and on and on.....

As private citizens, we switch from one technology to another in minutes, literally.

When we alter and act as business professionals, we have so many excuses why it has to take months and years. Even starting with basic steps and essential tools, beyond accounting software, we are naturally resistant to change and adaptation. More often than not, we miss out on major trends and opportunities. Reading books about innovation, early adoption and all cool theories, yet acting on it ?

Let’s be honest….our actions in reality = a different story.

Sidebar – we think changing socks for colored ones is cool and innovative. Is it ?

Ok, focus ….back to being true to ourself.

Does it really have to be like that?


There are ready-to-go technologies for business already, just go and try, fail, learn,... and keep going.

That’s the only way to see how those solutions fit for your business…. and off you go.

A few tips:

  1. Use digital technology NOW – Connect with your customers before someone else does, plain English "You lose them".

  2. Stay connected, adapt as you go – Jointly ! …. Be part of the evolution, Not an observer. That’s the only way to see the changes coming.

  3. Start right away - today – the ready to go solutions come in different colors and sizes. Pick what you want to achieve now, select a solution, and start using it. Expensive super-integrated systems can be added later. In different words, you shouldn't start learning to drive in a supercar.